Code of Conduct

Booty Bay Surf Club: Code of Conduct

Hello new members of Booty Bay Surf Club! It’s incredibly exciting to see new faces becoming part of our group! I’m eager to see what everyone can bring to the table and how we can all benefit from one another. :) That being said, I’m going to be laying out some basic rules of conduct for others to follow.

Everyone is different with a variety of opinions and worldviews. That’s what makes everyone unique! With so many new people joining, there is bound to be conflict one way or another. Usually this conflict can resolve itself without too much hassle; however, we would all appreciate it if it doesn’t arise in the first place! We would love to be a “drama-free” guild, but even ideally that would be impossible.


We encourage cooperation and coexistence within our guild!

  • Blizzard TOS absolutely applies.
  • There is never an excuse to outright harass other members
    • Sexual Harrassment is absolutely not tolerated.
  • We’re all adults here, so let’s all treat one another with respect
  • Anonymity does not justify rude behavior
  • We’re all in the same guild, let’s learn to play together!

If you ever encounter any harassment, please consider the following:

  • If the issue can be resolved between you and the other person, please do so
  • If not, report to one of the officers via private messages and we’ll work something out :)
  • Those who do not abide by these simple rules will be removed, so please behave!
  • Sexual Harrassment of any kind will have you removed from guild. (Still not playing around with this one)

Please remember, we are considered a casual guild which means…

  • World of Warcraft does not consume most of our lives here
  • Most of our members are parents or busy college students trying to get their degrees
  • Others have extreme schedules that revolve around their job(s)
  • Some have all of the above! It’s amazing that they sleep!



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